Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Publishing News: Deal Struck For My First Collection of Short Fiction

This update will be brief, as after a nine day layoff, mostly spent three-hole-punching the reptilian part of my brain, I don't want to pull a muscle by a sudden fit of exuberant blogging.  BUT, without exposing to much, I do want to announce some truly spectacular news:

I recently struck a deal with an as-of-yet unnamed publisher to release a collection of my short fiction in early 2013.

/thud    <------------- The sound of me falling out of my chair, as I STILL can't believe this is true

Yes, my very own goddamn book.  100,000 words dripped from my pen.  It's every writer's dream, and it's apparently coming true in about a year and a half.  And, as we all know, a year and a half goes by just like THAT!

/thsnep     <------------ The sound of me trying to snap, as I never quite got the hang of it

The theme of the collection is horror and the weird, obviously, and the plan is to publish a combination of my Mythos and non-Mythos work, pulling together some of my previously published stories under one cover, but also featuring primarily new works.  As much as I'm excited to unveil my most recent and upcoming Lovecraftian/cosmic horror tales, I'm also equally amped to finally write several of the more terrestrial horror stories I've been carrying around for a while, which feature nary a tentacle nor eldritch incantation, but do lean just as hard on the dread, the darkness, and the horror of the unusual that I find so comforting.

I wish I could say more, but I've taken a blood oath of secrecy, which involved dull, rusted canning knives and a series of deep and easily hidden cuts.  Risking lockjaw and a possible severed artery will keep a mouth silent.  Or maybe that's just the lockjaw.   

So.... YAAAAY!  I'm beyond excited, humbled, and blessed by this opportunity.  While I think 2011 has allowed me to leave a scratch or two on the genre, I look forward to taking my best shot to gouge out a deep, beautifully jagged scar.  Scars are interesting, and last forever... or at least until we crumble to dust.  That's long enough for me.

And, since I always like to include a pretty picture with every post, here's something to brighten your day - "Bye Bye Apocalypse," courtesy of Laughing Squid and artist Budi Satria Kwan:

Keep your eyes on this space, as more developments unfold, and more secrets seep through from room where the canning knives are kept...


  1. Amazing, wonderous and Huzzah! So psyched for you about this and much anticipation in hearing about your process until this rare beauty bloooms. That's right, I said Bloooms, as in Ka-Bloooey crossed with the flowers of the apocalypse sprouting from the sockets of things left whispering in your bed-sweating dreams.


  3. When the Pulver in Yellow and Nicolas The Hat chime in their congrats, a fella knows he's treading in rarefied company.

    Thanks, fellas. I really appreciate the support.

  4. Congratulations. The Way is open.

  5. Thanks, Laird.

    It's only open because of trailblazers like you and Joe and others.

    The Way would be impossible to find without you guys.