Saturday, September 24, 2011

In the Wake of the Fest, in the Shadow of Hallowmas, The Cosmicomicon Gears Back Up

"Moonlight off of Kingsport Light" by Todd Shearer
Greetings, wonderful Weirdlings and random readers of all stripes.  Welcome back and to The Cosmicomicon.  I brought pillows and a hookah, so make yourself comfortable.

The plasma ink well devoted to this electronic tome has been rarely accessed as of late, for a variety of daylight and moonlight reasons.  The desk at my 9 to 5 (okay, 10:30 to 8) decided to bite down with vigorous intent on my girlish ankles with the dedication and ridiculous jaw strength of a rabid Rottweiler, while some very important and ongoing creative endeavors have taken all of my spare time normally devoted to regular bloggish excursions.

But that is all about to change.

I'm closing out a story of monstrous proportions in both theme and length, which will be sent out across the endless ocean of Atlantis via Carrier Nightgaunt in the coming few days.  This piece is my longest to date (10,000+ words) and has been my most challenging, as a slow descent into corporate/urban insanity demands a deft waltz rather than a frantic jitterbug.  I'm quite pleased with the end result and its showpiece destination, which I will share with you all very soon.

Also, the 2011 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival was held last weekend, and the giddy anticipation that built and spilled out over two wonderful days and nights kept me away from my photonic quill and out amongst the insanely living.  My fantastic experience amongst Lovecraftians both local and imported will also grace this glowing parchment as the new week dawns.

Moreover, I have a dynamite Guest Blogger piece on tap, a bit of Call of Cthulhu gaming news, and various other tasty pieces waiting in the leathery wings, including an attempt to get back to airless fluff pieces devoted solely to my love and continuing fascination with the beautiful cosmos, and the undying horror of a Universe so unknowable and indifferent to the warm, blue marble that was kind enough to host our silly existence and bravely endure our noxious squabbles.  At least so far.

All of this will lead up to what should be a spectacular October, including the The Cosmicomicon's 2nd Annual Countdown to Hallowmas, complete with holiday-appropriate stories of the weird and wondrous and spooky, culminating with a full report and photo spread taken in Grau Haus (as we did last year), featuring the unsurpassable design talents of the pale, raven haired Night Queen Ives Hovanessian.

We're on the cusp of wonderfully haunted times, my friends. 

So, that's the update from your loyal leader of The Cosmicomicon.  I thank you muchly for your patience and continued interest during these dry weeks of autumn harvest.  The crops are still aging in the endless fields, just waiting for the roar of tractor engines and swirling blades.  Then, the bounty will be spilled at our feet.  That's my hope, at least.

Consider this creatively devoid message a public gathering of writerly hems, a repositioning in my angry chair, and a Cyclopean intake of oxygenated atmosphere before I plunge back down into the uncharted depths of the nighted void.  For that is where the Dark Dreams are born and gestate in anxious cocoons...

I know that The Cosmicomicon is merely a simple blog devoted to my writings and musings, but I take what I do here very seriously, and never forget my responsibility to those who sacrifice their time to read what is written here.  There is no greater honor for a writer than having readers who care.  Thank you.
Determined and schnozzy, whilst contemplating the Land of Gucker, Joshi, and Sparkling Vampires

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