Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All Hallows' Eve 2011: Grau Haus, In Pictures

I've yammered like a retreating jackal for well over a year now on these very pages, spilling out tens of thousands of words in fits and starts (mostly fits lately, with few starts), all in an attempt to purge my brain and hopefully entertain.

I'll very soon get back to my frantic typing in your general direction (yes, I know... this is the longest wind-up in pitching history), but in the meantime - as I gear up to swan dive back into the bloggy pool and paddle like mad for the deep end - I'll let a few pictures of the recently passed All Hallows' Eve at Grau Haus (birthplace and home of The Cosmicomicon) entertain your eyeballs, as the last howls of the season echo off into the ether.  I'll spare the party shots (but know that it was epic), and focus on the design elements that were three months in the making, and are still be enjoyed this very minute.

All thanks goes to my Ives - Grau Haus High Priestess of Design, Sass, and Interesting Footwear - for creating new vistas of dusky magic, wrapped in a singular chicness that I've honestly never seen before.  Never imagined could be combined so effortlessly with elements of horror.  You can really see in her designs (ALL hand-made, BTW, and at such a tiny budget you wouldn't even believe me) her love of classic Gothic motifs, Poe, Tim Burton, Steampunk, Noir, and The Weird.  It's an effortless blend that creates a whole new style of Dark Design all her own.  She truly is the Queen o' Halloween.

Sit forward and enjoy while you can, my Darklings.  Hallowmass 2012 is only 51 1/2 weeks away, and it's time to get to work on next year...

There She Is...
And there I am, Tebowing like my girl's life depends on it (which it did)
Sent off with a kiss, capping the perfect gathering for our favorite time of year     

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