Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friends of The Cosmicomicon: Strange Aeons Wins Best Small Press Anthology of 2011

"Rise of Cthulhu" (c) by Tim Vigil
We appreciate our friends here at The Cosmicomicon, and none have been nearer or dearer in this last year than Strange Aeons Magazine, which was the first (and hopefully not the last) print publication to cover this slice of swirling ether, featuring a write-up on The Cosmicomicon in Strange Aeons Issue 5 (giddily discussed by yours truly on the verge of a rhapsodic fit right here).

Tonight, I'm happy to report that this week Strange Aeons was named the Best Small Press Anthology of 2011 by From The Tomb Magazine, through their annual Decapitated Dan's Best of 2011, a coveted prize for devoted horrorheads and comic book nuts.

Witness and let loose your laurels (and possibly your morals):
Best Small Press Anthology: Strange Aeons Magazine

If you are a Lovecraft fan you had better have this magazine on your list of things to check out in 2012. No wait, why do you not know about this magazine yet? Strange Aeons is a quarterly title that deserves more recognition and needs to be on any horror comic fans radar. Combining the large monsters you expect with original stories on Lovecraftian themes this one is a can’t miss.
Honorable Mentions:  Blokes Tomb of Horror Annual 2011, Strange Kids Club, ZombieBomb
So, please join me in raising your glass, and sounding out a hearty round of congratulatory gibberings and celebratory howls for natty gadfly K.L. Young, the mysterious Rick Tillman, the leggy and lascivious Nick "The Hat" Gucker, and all the rest of the Strange Aeons crew up Seattle way, who roll out the Weird and beautifully disturbing through pictures and words four times a year in ways that no one else can match.  

I've said it before and I write it here again - Strange Aeons seems like a classic already, a prizefighter who burst from the womb full mature and swinging for your neck.  It's a fiction, art, news, and dark animation magazine that feels like its always been around, and always will be.  It's the New Pulp of the X, Y, Z, and Pie generation, currently clearing a bit of room on the mantle for the first of what will be many accolades to come.
Strange Aeons, Issue 7, cover art (c) by Mike Dubisch


  1. Wow, fantastic coverage and good words all around, thanks for your unending squamous support of the little-rag-that-could. Good things coming for SA mag in 2012, keep your tentacles crossed we survive the coming apocalypse of the New Year!!!
    HUGS to you Brother Ted!!!!

  2. Moist and oddly lumpy hugs back, Brother Gucks!

    I can't wait to see what 2012 holds for Strange Aeons, and for us as loyal and rabid readers.