Monday, April 16, 2012

Lovecraft eZine Flyer: Print, Paste, and Join Operation 'Spread the Dread'

The Lovecraft eZine, founded by Mike Davis and co-edited by A.J. French, is blowing up in every wonderful sense of the word.

Daily postings and updates keep the feed fresh, while each new official issue of the eZine publishes some of the finest Lovecraftian fiction available anywhere, either electronically or in print, featuring fantastic cover and interior art, and audio recordings of each story.  It's a multimedia banquet of madness, by Jove.

Now it's up to you and I and everyone who appreciates cosmic horror, dark fantasy, and apocalyptic fiction to push the shockwaves further.  eZine design artists Leslie Herzfeld recently concocted the flyer show above, allowing us all the opportunity to paper the city, town, hamlet, and city block that we call home.  Hit up the horror con and lit fair.  Film festival and art show.  College dorm and local book store and comic shop.  Paste this flyer to every vertical and slanted space that will hold papyrus and spread the dread.  Hell, I'll even capitalize "Spread the Dread" and throw it in quotations, just to make it more official sounding.  This could be first buddings of a bona fide movement we have here, folks.

Joining such sister publications as Innsmouth Magazine, Lore, and my beloved Strange Aeons (more on SA in the coming days as we finalize the first issue for which I served as Fiction Editor), hopefully this creeper campaign that I think I just created will sprout wings, tentacles, and other terrifying means of locomotion and spread throughout the globe, seeping into the cracks and staining them good and proper black.

Click the links.  Print the flyer.  Spread the Dread.  It just feels right, doesn't it?


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    1. You're most welcome, Mike.

      Thanks for the flyer, and for the Lovecraft eZine.