Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"There's Still Hope For Us Yet" Update #37: H.P. Legocraft

As stated before in these electronic pages, I often feel melancholy when I ruminate upon the human race.  So much potential gifted to such fragile, squishy little water bags that almost uniformly choose to waste their few moments on this amazing planet doing exactly squat.  Why create, when one can consume?  Why build up, when tearing down comes more naturally?  Why be brave, when being scared is safer?  Why do anything, when doing nothing is easier?  Silly, lazy, worthless little water bags.

Then, I stumble across something like this, and my faith is momentarily restored (until my next scrape with  reality television, conversation with a nuclear family member, or simple stroll down the gum stained streets of Northeastern Los Angeles).

I mean, how friggin' badass is this? (Answer:  IMMENSELY badass):
I've always loved Legos, from my early childhood in the 70's, back before they sold many pre-made sets, and you had to build your own castles and space ships and Star Wars figures' backdrops out of the rectangular basics (before walking to school on our face through seven feet of snow during a nuclear winter - and we liked it that way!    /end crotchety old man squawk)
As boring as you want us to be...
As Christmas creeps up, go a little old school and throw some shekels to my Danish peeps across the pond.  Buy some Legos for your wee ones, and let their imaginations soar as they build up, out, and side to side, drilling a damning hole into the abyss of apathy and boredom via the laser beam of self initiated creativity.  My future melancholy may lessen, and we might just evolve out of being silly, lazy, worthless little water bags one of these fine days.

And that doughy little video game monkey you belched into this world just might surprise you, and bust out something like this: 

Dare to dream....  Dare to build....

Every noble work is at first impossible.