Thursday, January 13, 2011

Publishing News: Dead But Dreaming 2 Cover and Table of Contents

The cover has been released for the forthcoming anthology Dead But Dreaming 2, edited by Kevin Ross for Miskatonic River Press.

Also, the table of contents was also recently leaked out onto the carpeting as well, with the scribes and their  shiny wares lining up as such:

Foreword: Messrs. Cthulhu and Lovecraft Have Arrived", Kevin Ross
"Taggers", Walt Jarvis
"The Unfinished Basement", William Meikle
"Plush Cthulhu", Don Webb
"Class Reunion", Darrell Schweitzer
"First Nation", Scott David Aniolowski
"Your Ivory Hollow", Wilum Pugmire
"The Spell of the Eastern Sea", Michael Tice
"Dark Heart", Kevin Ross
"Transmission", T.E. Grau
"N is for Neville", John Goodrich
"The Timucuan Portal", Daniel W. Powell
"No Healing Prayers", Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
"The Dissipation Club", Adrian Tchaikovsky
"Lure", David Annandale
"The Call", Rick Hautala
"Christmas Carrion", Donald R. Burleson
"The Depopulation Syndrome", Erik T. Johnson
"Uncle Sid’s Collection", Cody Goodfellow
"Father’s Day", Brian Sammons
"Innsmouth Idyll", Darrell Schweitzer
"The Hour of Our Triumph", Will Murray
"Here Be Monsters", Pete Rawlik

There are some VERY major figures on that thar list, mixed in with some relatively newer names to the scene (*cough*).  Overall, it promises to be a spectacular tome of Lovecraftian goodness that shies away from the whiz-bang monster and Mythos sideshow, opting instead to focus on creeping dread and implied weirdness, tinged with cosmic horror and a dash of doom.  Kevin Ross will never force fed you the writhing worm.  He prefers to bounce that bait along the bottom, staying just a bit out of reach until you're ready to swallow it whole, hooking your guts and marking the end.

I really can't believe that in my first anthology with the sweethearts at Miskatonic River Press, I'm rubbing elbows and slimy appendages with the likes of Pulver and Pugmire, Goodfellow and Meikle, Schweitzer and Tice, Sammons and Ross, Goodrich, Murray, and Burleson (and the rest, really, as they're all recognizable names in the Family). 

Keep several of your eyes on this electronic spot for further updates on Dead But Dreaming 2 as they become available. 

And keep at least one good eye up on the sky, at that seemingly blank place between Hydra and Argo, and say a prayer for poor, curious Walter Gilman...


  1. O Brother Shambler, welcome to the clan of Mythos writers!! We're glad ta have ya Teddy onboard! !!

  2. Little, if anything, in my professional creative life has felt as good as these last several months, Brother Joe.

    And I have you and a few other dark souls to thank for that.

    2011 is going to leave claw marks on the Shadow World that will never heal, and I'll be proud to get a few nicks in.

  3. Congrats brother Grau, looking forward to rolling my eyeballs across ye' eldrich words, and Pulvers too. Very exciting indeed.

  4. Thanks, Nick! Heady times, these.

  5. Congrats! I really cannot wait for this one; the first 'Dead But Dreaming' is one of the best Lovecraftian collections, ever.

  6. Thanks so much, Mike, and congrats on the eZine! It's people like you that provide people like us a forum for our spilled ink and cracked bone. We couldn't do it without you.

    Yes, I hear that review constantly about Dead But Dreaming, which is a credit to Kevin Ross, Misktonic River Press, and all the amazing writers in the first book - all of whom set the bar of quality so high.

    It truly, truly is an honor to be included in Dead But Dreaming 2.

  7. This is great news! Congrats, man! I can't wait to get a copy.

  8. Thanks, Shane! I think it'll be a sound purchase. :)