Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"There's Still Hope For Us Yet" Update #38: The Octopus Chair (aka OMEFG!!*)

Little needs to be written about ye Octopus Chair, other than to posit that there needs to be a towering statue of Maximo Riera in some well worn square in Cadiz, Spain.  Post haste.  O, a toda prisa, as the case the may be.

The handsome fella looks like this:

Works here...

And creates extraordinarily cool shit like this...

I mean, just look at this gooey, eldritch throne of cephalopodic delights ... I can barely believe that it's real...

I care little for filthy lucre (obviously, considering my career choice), but I'd love to make enough coin some day to purchase amazing art from inspired, original artists with an eye for the dark and a flair for the weird.  Everyone would win, and I'd have one badass office chair.
* = Oh My Elder Fucking Gods

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