Sunday, February 20, 2011

From the Snows of Japan, Monsters Do Come

The Hall of the Watchers
Arising from the birthplace of sushi, samurai, and the sensational Lovecraftian work of my new friend Ken Asamatsu (whose work can also be found here, as well as in Cthulhu's Reign, and Robert Price's upcoming "Darkest Asia" anthology) comes the shambling of snow, bent on beautiful destruction in these strange days...  Or perhaps just a fantastic photo op for brave souls unafraid of Eldritch Things.

Movement, beyond our eyes to see, under the green and red moons.

The Elders gather at dawn.

Colossal Cavalry, heading to the Front

Snowy Shoggoth head down the Mad Mountain

Pinnacle Peak view of the migration of Shoggoth
(More can be found at the curiously named Pink Tentacle)


  1. These images really are breath taking, the idea that these are herds of creatures warms my cockles (what ever thoses are...).

  2. Also, are ken Asamatsu's books available in english?

  3. They sure are, Nicky G Squad.

    Mosey on over to the right-hand side of The Cosmicomicon, click on Ken's link, and check out his "Lair of the Hidden Gods" series, for starters.