Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Publishing News: "Downhill" published today in Eschatology Journal

Greetings, goofs and ganders.

After a prolonged break from the blurg-er-sphere, during which time I was tending to a garden of deadlines, I'm back to announce some pretty exciting publishing news over the next few days.

It all kicks off with my flash fiction piece, "Downhill," which emerged from the oven just this morning and is now sitting on the breezy window sill at the Eschatology Journal, the online publication of Lovecraftian and apocalyptic flash fiction, birthing forth new stories of bleakness and dread every Wednesday.

"Downhill" was fun to write, and came from just a simple scene that I've had rattling around my gourd for years.  Luckily, "flash fiction" came along (or, I came along to "flash fiction"), and allowed me to explore that scene without inorganically shoe horning it into a larger work.  For those whom have never tried it, flash fiction is a fantastic way to explore those ideas that don't demand the Joycean treatment.
More publishing news later today, but for now, peruse the electronic pages of Eschatology Journal, then sit down and pen something cold and terrifying in less than 1,000 words.  It's a cool exercise, and quite addictive.  I plan on sending more to Eschatology Journal in the coming months.  Check it out and throw up your best.


  1. Very cool, I've not really understood the perameters of flash-fiction, have to give it a go. I like where your piece takes us, it's like the opening scene of a epic disaster film of sorts...

  2. Thank you for the plug! The story is great by the way, thank you for the opportunity to publish it.

  3. Thanks, Nick! Give it a go, my friend. It seems limiting, then suddenly becomes liberating. It's the strangest thing, this flash fiction...

    Bruce, you're most welcome. Thanks for giving me a canvas.

  4. Very enjoyable, Ted. Flash fiction is something I feel needs to be explored further. Especially by those who scribble horror yarns. Wait... I feel a tagline coming: 'microcosms of cosmic horror.' Seems appropriate for an anthology of Lovecraftian flash fiction maybe?

  5. Shane, I think you just coined yourself an anthology.

    Any thematic and deadline details you wanna' share with us before we get to work? :)

  6. Just make it awesome!

    I just got off the phone with Guillermo del Torro's people. He is interested in optioning the rights to do the TV mini-series! We are supposed to do lunch sometime next week to discuss a few final details. I think we have decided to call it 'Microcosmic Horror.'

    Why are you still reading this? You have stories to write... sheesh, I can't do everything! :-)

  7. Shit! I spelled Guillermo's name wrong and he is pissed! I think he may be off the project...

  8. Hollywood is fickle like that, Shane.

    Any excuse to douse the green light...

  9. Pretty cool, Ted. "Downhill" has stayed with me a lot longer than it took to read it. Looking forward to more.