Friday, April 1, 2011

The Coolest Looking April Fools Prank Ever

Yes, that thing above.  That elegantly horrific elder creature that was touted by the talented jokesters at AvPGalaxy as pre-production concept art leaked by 20th Century Fox from the creative camp behind Ridley Scott's anticipated film Prometheus, which began as a prequel to Alien, and then spun off to become something totally original (GASP!), with only a few slight nods to the Giger-dreamed dystopian world in which Alien and all the sequels - both great and small - were set.

If that piece of edible art is an April Fools joke, may every day (other than major bank holidays, family birthdays, and anniversaries) be April 1st, because that sucker kicks the shit out of badass.

This article from Deadline is a bit old, but it gives some background on the mechanics of the project, while this AvPGalaxy update (posted March 15th) includes an excerpt from a translated article conducted and published by Teutonic fish wrap Blick, which makes Prometheus sound more than just a wee bit Lovecraftian:

Scott speaks of Erich von Daniken: “He has guessed right. Millions of years ago, there were intelligent creatures everywhere.” It is a time when HR Giger’s monster didn’t exist. “I have to create something new.”


No, make that HMMMMMMMMMMM....!!!

Maybe Ridley could take a crack at Guillermo Del Toro's At The Mountains of Madness, which - as most know - is currently mired in the Great Nothingness of Unresolved Hollywood Wrangling, where it could reside, cold and forgotten, for untold eons.  Outside of Del Toro, I can't think of anyone better than Ridley Scott to helm something so bleak, massive, and cosmically terrifying.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.  I'm Ridley Scott.  I'm so fucking cool it hurts.


  1. Yeah... I will be seeing this alluring creature in my nightmares for a few minutes.

    Thanks for sharing, T-Shark!