Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mike Dubisch Goes MTV... Or, MTV Goes Mike Dubisch

We all know and love Mike for his artwork inspired by and created for weird pulp, comics/graphic novels, and Lovecraftian fiction throughout the years, including The Black Velvet Necronomicon: Black Velvet Cthulhu tome (which is signed and gibbering on my bookshelf at the moment, whispering things to me...).

But most recently, he's re-shattered the wall and once again burst onto the pop culture landscape through a featured spot on MTV's The Daily Geek (also referenced on Deviant Art).

I couldn't be more proud of Mike, who deserves every single bit of recognition that comes his way.  He's a true blue (grayish green?) Lovecraftian, a swell guy, family man, and an extraordinary talent. 
Pick up some of his art. Your bookshelf will thank you later.  And whisper.  And let's face it, we can ALL benefit from the whispers...


  1. Congrats, Mike, for some well deserved great news!

    Kudos to you, Ted, for spreading the good word.

  2. If you're not careful, Paul, I'll blog about you, and then you'll REALLY be in trouble.

    Maybe a post that coincides with a certain anthology uncoiling across the pond... :)

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Ted, very nice!!! And wait, what's this- You haven't blogged about Paul yet? Unfathomable....;)

  4. That's been rectified since then.

    I feature my favorite artists according to geographic distance. It's safer that way. ;)