Sunday, January 22, 2012

Looking Ahead: Dark Tales for Bright Children, Coming from SlaughterHaus Press in 2013

 As I concoct, write, and assemble the stories for my first collection, I look ahead to so many amazing opportunities, in terms of anthologies and other projects.

The one that has been in the planning stages since I first decided to embrace the Weird and the beautiful Horror that has lurked inside me my entire life is a collection that focuses entirely on the terrifying experiences of children.  Thus was born Dark Tales for Bright Children, an assemblage of short stories that Ives Hovanessian and I - under the collective moniker Grau Haus Nightmares - will unleash upon the unprepared public in 2013, ushering in a new era of dark, literary quality, from paper stock to cover,  issuing forth from our SlaughterHaus Press, overseen by Ives and I. 

Boldly into the night.....  Look out for us...  You've been warned.....


  1. Very spooky, cuz!

    Tell me that isn't one of our ancestral photos..
    btw, Wotz w/ the Umlauts?!! lol.

    Serious question - are you guys doing Kindle for any of this?

  2. Thanks, blood! This picture in particular isn't of a relation (that I know of), but I'm sure we have a few similar looking, mad old salts hanging low on the family tree. Why do you think us Graus are so daft?

    The umlauts are both a tribute to our Teutonic heritage and to Motley Crue. ;) And they look fucking cool (an opinion obviously shared by the aforementioned early 80's L.A. hair band).

    Ives and I would love to - and most likely will - do a Kindle/e-version of "Dark Tales..." We're not electro-readers ourselves, but so many are, and we want to make available our book for everyone on all platforms. Hell, we might even release a sky-written version, for those who refuse to tear their gaze away from the sky.