Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Publishing News: Aklonomicon Unveils Cover by Dave Carson, Anthology Now Available for Pre-Order Direct from Publisher Aklo Press

Aklonomicon cover art by the legendary Dave Carson
The day draws nigh, true Believers, when the language of Aklo shall be once again loosed upon this unprepared land.

For those new to this world, who have forgotten the last several cycles, Aklo is - according to ChtulhuWiki (courtesy of the beloved Yog-Sothoth.com) - briefly described as the following:
The Aklo language is a fictional language system which appeared in Arthur Machen's short story The White People.  H.P. Lovecraft used the Aklo in a number of his stories, most notably The Dunwich Horror and The Diary of Alonzo Typer. 
...  Although Aklo can be used for communication its primary usage is in incantations and prayers...
"Incantations and prayers"...  Conjuring.  Magick.  The language of Forgotten Gods sleeping in the shadow of dead stars, who can still hear the pleas of those who know how to ask as they dream their way toward us.


This foul gibbering of primal origin is spoken by warp riders Ivan McCann and Joseph S. Pulver, who have gathered together others of a similar ken, to sing their songs in nighted clearings dotted with curiously arranged stones.  Together, McCann and Pulver have expertly orchestrated this unhallowed chorus like maestro Magi, transcribing these terrifying psalms into nearly FIVE HUNDRED PAGES of paeans to the dark, the dreadful, the unclean. Writers, poets, painters, illustrators, and other mad creatives from around the globe received the sharp, suddenly tap on the shoulder to add their pound of flesh to this newly minted black book, and all responded with feverish zeal.

Thus was born the Aklonomicon, populated by the finest practitioners of the darkly written and bloody visual arts, who have built a singular dread folio that should blow the nailed-shut doors off of all that has come before it.  The unquiet ghosts of von Junzt, of Alhazred himself, will sit up and take notice once these pages are exposed to the outside air.

Ware the Aklonomicon, for it is unwholesome and able.

Ware the Aklonomicon, for it seeks to unmake you.

For those bold enough to wade in, neck deep, as the ground drops away below, the Aklonomicon can currently be pre-ordered by contacting Ivan McCann directly through his Facebook page.  If you're not on Facebook, you are to be both praised and mocked in equal fashion.  After this odd dressing up and dressing down, contact me at cosmicomicon@gmail.com, and I'll make the necessary arrangements to hook up your sweet-ass pre-order.

For more on the inestimable Dave Carson, check out his home page at Cthulhuart.com.

As noted in blogs previous (here and here), I'm blessed to have two respective tales published in the Aklonomicon, "Flutes," and "In the Cave, She Sang," both of which feature specially crafted artwork by Mythos icon and uncoiling nightserpant Paul Carrick (previously posted here).

Don't let this one slip through your cold, clattering claws, gentle readers.  I'm a pretty excitable fella, but I can say without hyperbole that the Aklonomicon is going to be a multi-media, printed and bound EVENT that you dare not miss.  The scope, vision and pure balls of this undertaking is something that will echo down through the ages.

You're not imagining things.  Those strange whispers in a language both repugnant yet somehow familiar are real.  Something small inside you remembers, even if everything else refuses.  Aklo...

Get It, before It gets you.  Or before we do.

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