Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Call for Donations: Lovecraft eZine Founder Mike Davis Needs Your Help

I think of us - all of us, from reader to writer to any curious party in between - as part of an extended, amazing family devoted to an exploration and celebration of (as the banner says) "all things cosmic, terrifying, and strange".   And dark, and beautiful, and wondrous, and, of course, Weird.  This is our family.  This is what we love.  This is what we do.

Well, one of the members of our family is in presently in dire and immediate need, and like any good family not given over to defeatist dysfunction, its up to the rest of us to pitch in and help.  A virtual barn raising after a metaphorical fire, so to speak.

You see, Mike Davis, founder of the fantastic Lovecraft eZine, was recently sideswiped by a sizable and unexpected medical bill, which has put his family's finances, and the immediate future of the eZine, in jeopardy.  We can't have this.  We don't have to allow this.  Mike is truly a wonderful guy, and his eZine puts out Lovecraftian news almost daily, and publishes some of the finest Lovecraftian fiction for free every month.  His site is a resource, a gem, and so is he.  Therefore, we need to rally to the ramparts to aid our brother-in-arms (and writhing tentacles), as well as his wife Danielle and son Logan.  If it takes a village, we'll bring a city.

So, I'd like for all of the loyal readers of The Cosmicomicon to please click on this link and donate $10, or another amount that suits your situation.  Skip a before-work Starbucks Whateverthefuckaccino, or an after-work cocktail.  Bring your lunch to work one day rather than eating out.  Set aside a few dollars right now that would normally go to an ephemeral and ultimately unnecessary trifle, and put that towards something of great importance.

Mike's message:
The Lovecraft eZine SERIOUSLY needs your help

You know what’s annoying? When I turn on public radio to listen to the news, and they’re having a funds drive. I found myself annoyed, that is, until I realized that they exist in part because people donate funds, and they wouldn’t exist without those donations.

So I’m about to be annoying. But, please keep reading, because this magazine really needs your help.

I did not start The Lovecraft eZine to get rich. I didn’t even start it to turn a profit. I’m deep in the red on this magazine, but I’m not publishing it for the money; I’m doing it because I really want to provide quality Lovecraftian fiction for free. With that in mind…

I just got hit with a $1,100 medical bill. (For those of you who don’t know, I have a very painful chronic illness called Fibromyalgia; according to my doctor, it’s one of the worst cases he’s ever seen.) And when I say “hit”, I mean I could not avoid paying it. It has left my wife and I in a very tight situation. Even paying my regular bills for the next couple of months is going to be very difficult. I had money set aside to pay the writers for the March and April issues… and now that has been wiped out.

If you don’t help me, I’m going to have to delay publishing for a couple of months until I get caught up again.

If everyone reading this donated $10, the magazine’s financial troubles would be over in a heartbeat. Think about how small an amount that is. $10 is a couple of orders at Starbucks. A meal for two at McDonalds costs more than $10. The Lovecraftian magazine Strange Aeons charges $8.99 per issue, just to put things in perspective.

Of course, not everyone will give $10. If you can afford it, please give more, but in a perfect world, I’d rather get a small amount of money from a lot of readers than large amounts from just a few.

I think it’s important to note that Lovecraft eZine has been in existence for 15 months, and I’ve never made a request like this before. Sure, I have a donations page, and occasionally I mention it, but I don’t hit you guys up for funds all the time, I think you’ll agree. And I’m working on some great ideas to fund this magazine without relying as much on donations (like the t-shirts) … but it takes time.

Please believe me when I say that I hate to even ask… I would rather fund this magazine entirely from our own money and never ask readers for anything. But if this magazine is important to you, please help me out.

Otherwise, I am going to have to delay the next few issues until I get caught up.

I promise you that I am NOT looking to get rich from this magazine, or really even to turn a profit. If I never turn a profit, that’s fine. My goal is to bring quality Lovecraftian fiction to my readers, and that’s what I will continue to do to the best of my ability.


Just to repeat, please click HERE, scroll down to the bottom of the message, and get your sweet ass over to PayPal to send a brother some relief.

We have an obligation as a member of this silly human race to take care of each other, look out for each other, and to help those in need.  This is one of those times.  If you believe in karma, compassionate humanism, or earning jewels for your crown in heaven, please give a little to help out a lot.

Let's rally, Family o' The Cosmicomicon.  We can make a difference.

I thank you all from the bottom of my frigid little heart.

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