Monday, March 26, 2012

Publishing News: "That Old Problem" Published in Issue #12 of the Lovecraft eZine, Available Now To Read Online and for Free Download

Lovecraft eZine Issue #12 Cover Art by Stjepan Lukac
The wax and wane... The hustle and the flow.

Things are happening fast and with resounding fury around The Cosmicomicon as of late, with publishing and acceptance announcements, coming interviews/book reviews, and even a bit o' long overdue Weird news in general all on the docket and jockeying for position.  I'm a few days behind updating about it all, so I'll try to hesitantly embrace the soul of wit and hammer through these postings without my usual digressions and blathery verbal claptrap.  I doubt I'll be successful on the latter, but please know that it truly is the thought that counts.

To start this week off correctly, I'm INCREDIBLY proud to announce that my story "That Old Problem" - which first started out as an idea for a short film that could be shot relatively cheaply in some High Desert shithole diner - was published just this last weekend in Issue #12 of the always nails Lovecraft eZine, founded by devoted 'Craftian and reputed Olympic-caliber bobsledder Mike Davis, aided in his salty endeavor by co-editors A.J. French and Bruce L. Priddy (often, but not exclusively, of Cosmicomicon-fave Eschatology Journal).  My humble tale joins those written by Nicole Cushing ("A Catechism for Aspiring Amnesiacs"), Mark Howard Jones ("Taking the Cure"), Randall D. Larson ("The Fire of Zon Mezzamalech")  and fellow Angelino John Palisano ("Available Light").  Please go read these stories and let the authors know what you think in the comments section.  We insecure hacks absolutely LIVE for validation.  Well, that and the huge satchels of cash that are part and parcel of the indie/small press world.
"That Old Problem" original art by Galen Dara

Also of note, "That Old Problem" features an outstanding work of visual art from Galen Dara, an artist with whom I was unfamiliar until this weekend, but who is an obvious talent that I'm very happy to have finally discovered, and even more happy to have associated with my writing.  Her kick-ass portfolio is available here, and she'll definitely be one to watch for future covers and anthology/collection interior art.

As for the publication itself, what is so refreshing, blessed, and necessary about the Lovecraft eZine is that it's one of the few consistent resources that provides an opportunity to read some of the finest contemporary writers of Lovecraftian fiction every month for free.

This cannot be overemphasized, and I don't draw special attention to this out of some innate sense of stinginess - as we in our house forego many other avenues of capital depletion in order to set aside enough cash each new moon to purchase new tomes, as avid supporters and fans of genre and small press speculative fiction.  I draw attention to this "gratis factor" because it is perhaps completely unprecedented for a professional market publication to assemble such an array of writers and artists and editors, and then allow readers - like you and me and that asshole down the street who might be an asshole but damn does he have good taste in literature - a chance to sample the wares of writers and visual artists whom we have only seen in the table of contents for a book or magazine we can't afford, or through the promo for a exhibit in a city too far away to reach by recumbent bike.

So, I'm thankful for the Lovecraft eZine, additionally thankful to be featured in it, and am hugely thankful to all of you whole stepped up and helped out Mike and the eZine when they needed us most.  It's a give and take, this balanced life of ours.  After taking so much for so long, it felt good to give a little, and our reward is not just this handsome Issue #12, but Issue #13 through infinity.  That's a lovely thing to contemplate....

Now, that wasn't too blathery, was it? ...

DON'T answer that!  I'll do better next time.  Pinky swear...

(Issue #12 of the Lovecraft eZine will be available for Kindle/Nook in a few days, while an audio version of "The Old Problem" will be popping up at the top of the story page very soon, as well)

(Also, buy a freakin' T-shirt, people.  Electronic publications devoted to Lovecraftian fiction and art don't grow on trees, you know...)

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