Friday, March 16, 2012

Short Story Review: "Transmission" from 'Dead But Dreaming 2' Gets a Horror World Hug

This is going to be a quickie, as I slowly reconstitute myself after being blended into a fine, worthless paste this last week by the rigors of the rat race combined with a nasty microbial assault, but I wanted to give a shout to Horror World - "Horror's #1 community on the web" - for the kind words printed about "Transmission" in their review of Dead But Dreaming 2, published just today on their hugely popular site by horror critic and author Dave Simms.

I get a mention as a standout, along with fellow scribes Cody Goodfellow, Brian Sammons, Rick Hautala, Darrell Schweitzer, and the Mayor of Lovecraftiana W.H. Pugmire.  Esteemed company, to say the least, and proof that my ever-expanding pool of critic bribery is paying off in spades.

I'd paste up a pull quote (as much to add space to a relatively tiny post as to peacock around a little bit in my own living room), but the admonishing tone at the bottom of the page scared the hell out of me.  Please click on through to the review and read for yourself, as clicks do everyone good.

As I've noted in the past, I'm overjoyed by the reaction "Transmission" has generated, from casual readers, to critics, to colleagues, to scholars.  It was my first finished piece of Lovecraftian fiction - and really, my first ever completed short story written for submission - so the fact that it has been enjoyed and well received makes me feel lucky and blessed beyond compare.  It helped launch me onto the path where I now teeter, and for that, I'll always been thankful for MRP kingpin Tom Lynch and International Man of Mystery (and Call of Cthulhu legend) Kevin Ross for taking a chance on some overly excited dickweed panting into his shoes in Los Angeles.

Dead But Dreaming 2 can be ordered through Amazon for the sissies, or through the Miskatonic River Press mothership website for the true lads and lasses composed of fine essential salts and strong moral fiber (or, indeed, "fibre" for my friends in Canada, the UK, and other places around the globe still struggling with proper spelling).

Coming Soon to The Cosmicomicon:  A prance down my bloodstream, and a review of Simon Strantza's Nightingale Songs.

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