Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AtMoM: From Live to Dead To Still Possibly Dreaming

So, in a matter of 24 hours, production on "At the Mountains of Madness" was confirmed to begin in June with Tom Cruise attached to star, then warned off the same day.  This was Monday.  By Tuesday morning, obviously pissing in their lacy girl panties over the guarded excitement and discussion generated by hundreds of thousands of Lovecraftians and classic horrorheads around the world, Universal pulled the plug on the entire production, citing worries about the expected $150 million budget and the *gasp* R rating (money MUST be hoarded for "Hop 2," "Paul 2," and "Hulk 3," apparently, as children now run Hollywood).

NOW, mere hours later, the project still might have life in turnaround Hell, moving over to Fox or another studio willing to show initial interest then back burner the entire thing, in favor of the next Squeakquel or Treacle or honey-covered turd this town seems so fond of creating at a staggering clip.

Should have known better than to trust Hollywood to make one, potentially very cool, ADULT-TARGETED horror film of a scope larger than a cabin in the woods populated by random (read: cheap to hire) actors.
And this is yet another sad example of how extremely difficult it is to get ANYTHING made.  If Del Toro (who's already done months of apparently amazing pre-production prep, script writing, creature creation and storyboarding), James freaking Cameron, and Tom Cruise - with their combined track records of success and overall cache - can't get something pushed through to production, then what hope is there for anything cinematic that might be remotely risky, innovative, ambitious, and ultimately interesting to an adult audience?  Such dark, dark days for Movietown...
Meh...  Wake me when it's over, even though I suspect it already is. I'll be buried in a book.  The movies in my head are always better anyway.

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  1. A good article from the News Desk at the New Yorker: