Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Spider Trees of Pakistan

Due to the horrendous flooding that plagued Pakistan in the summer of 2010, intrepid spiders were forced to scuttle treeward, and in the process, helped trap and kill untold millions of disease carrying mosquitoes, while also treating us to what looks like a real life Beksinki painting. 
I learned from my wife that one should never kill a spider, as spiders are good luck.  They also make incredibly eerie art amongst the branches and leaves.  A visual truth more beautiful and haunting that fiction...  And, on close examination, these ancient denizens of primordial Earth clearly have some otherworldly DNA coursing through their tiny corpuscles.
Eye(s) SEE you!
Amazing little bastards, aren't they?  Now, if the tree dwelling spiders in Pakistan could work a bit of overtime and scope up a few death cultist Talibs along with their nightly mosquito haul, everyone would be far better off...

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