Monday, March 7, 2011

Horror is Where the Home Is: Shots of The Cosmicomicon Muses of Grau Haus

Every writer needs a Muse.  Beethoven's Immortal Beloved.  Shakespeare's Dark Lady.  

I'm lucky enough to have Two.  Behold, the Muses of Grau Haus, in pictures taken during the last, fateful 24 hours:

When I was her age, my heroes were Jacques Cousteau and Gary Gygax.  Hers is Wednesday Adams. Angel for the win.
In writing the noir book of our lives, there is always a beautiful dame who gets it in the end...

.... then makes the papers, the gossip scandal sheets, the morbid curiosity crowd.   And thus is she immortalized in song and verse, living on forever in dreams, long after her flesh fades away.

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