Friday, August 3, 2012

A Blog About a Blog and a New Gig for that Blog: The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog's 'What Scares You?' Goes Grau, and That's Just the Beginning

Zdzislaw Beksinki
After just recently launching my new column "The Extinction Papers" (Chapter One available here) at The Teeming BrainMatt Cardin's electronic meeting place of horror fiction, philosophy, religion, and apocalypse - about which I will go into more detail in the coming days here at The Cosmicomicon - I stand poised to dribble the dark stuff that leaks out of my head into a new corner of the cyberverse.

The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog, an always active and endlessly interesting horror corridor which begs to be read regularly based on title alone, just today posted their newest installment in their ongoing project "What Scares You?", which - as of a few minutes ago - now features your truly.

In addition, Emma Audsley, founder and top banana (pronounced "ba-nah-ner" in the UK) of THHHB, has gone daft and extended me an offer to write a regular piece for the site, which will be named "Murmurs from the Ether."  This was initially planned to be the title of my debut collection, but I think it's more appropriate for an electronic column.

The parameters are pretty wide open, but will definitely involve the latest happenings in the Speculative, Horror, and Weird Fiction multisphere.  "Murmurs from the Ether" will differ from my usual postings here at TC in that they will be more timely and thankfully more concise.  Quick hits, rather than a prolonged beating. I think it'll be fun and informative, so keep watching The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog while I correlate my contents and dive into a new outlet for my yammering.  Also, for all horror authors, artists, filmmakers, musicians, publishers, editors, throat singers, and interpretive dancers - send me news of your recent, current, and coming projects, releases, and gigs, and I'll add them into "Murmurs from the Ether."  Do my job for me, I beg of you, as they're ain't much room left on this stove for any more steaming pots.

And now, get thee to a nunnery.  Failing that, scamper on over to THHHB and check out what frightens the holy hell out of me, then stick around and check out what the monstrous site has to offer.  You can thank me later for stealing your next 4-6 hours.
Another Beksinski, as much like Pringles and obsessive hang-ups, you can never have just one.


  1. Is it just me, or are you currently in great demand as a columnist? Congrats on the very cool gig! THHHB is lucky to have you.

    1. Thank you, Matt. I'm extremely lucky to have a home at The Teeming Brain.

      As for the increase in the requests for my non-fiction, being "Cardin-Approved" can certainly do wonders.