Monday, October 10, 2016

Publishing News: Spanish edition of THE NAMELESS DARK: A COLLECTION coming in 2017 from Dilatando Mentes Editorial

Language is a bonding agent, a powerful force that groups us together and also keeps us apart from our fellow human beings.
I write in English, and only English, as I have a hard enough time mastering one language sufficiently to commit it to the page in any sort of interesting fashion. As such, I do so admire anyone who can speak, think, and write in more than one language. That seems almost magical to me, like being possessed of a compartmentalized brain that is far beyond my abilities or comprehension.
Being an English-language writer, I often forget just how many people - literally billions, and a majority of this planet - cannot or will never read my work due to the language in which I write. And by "me," I mean all English-language writers. Conversely, I am missing out on so many extraordinary literary talents because of my limited grasp of language diversity. This is unfortunate, and frustrating.
So, it's on days like this that one realizes the smallness of one's immediate world, and the vastness of the real one. And by "days like this one," I mean on a day when I am incredibly humbled and excited to share the news that a Spanish language edition of The Nameless Dark: A Collection will be published in Spain at the end of 2017 by Ondara-based dark media imprint Dilatando Mentes Editorial, run by the wonderful husband and wife team of Jose Angel De Dios Garcia and Maite Aranda.

I think it's safe to say that every author dreams of having their work published in a language other than their own. It makes the work seem more permanent, and perhaps more meaningful, in some small way, to be deemed worthy of laborious translation and republication in a totally new market where the author most likely has very little sway or visibility. Or, maybe I'm just getting carried away with myself. Regardless, this is wonderful news, and something that makes me very proud.
Immense thanks to Jose and Maite for putting their hard work and company brand behind this new Spanish language edition of my collection. I very much look forward to finding new readers and kindred spirits amongst my Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters across the world, on several continents, and even in my own state and hometown. Los Angeles is very much a Latino city, so having my book available to Angelinos who primarily or only read in Spanish is a pretty wonderful thing.
Follow Dilatando Mentes Editorial on all available media platforms, and watch this space for updates. Muchos gracias, amable lector.